our golden moment

It all came about through a combination of serendipity and adventure whilst living in the beautiful Byron Bay, Australia.

This magical place led Tom to our powerful blend of spices and, after changing his life, he decided that gold needed to be spread across the world.


Here’s our story


Hi I’m Tom, the founder of GoldSpice.

In 2013, in my early 20s and for the first time in my life, I developed eczema and was told by doctors that not much could be done. I decided to fix it myself, and set about learning as much as I could about natural treatments, gut health and nutrition.


Fast forward three years later and I have a thirst for adventure and an encyclopaedic knowledge of natural health and wellness. Byron Bay was calling and this is where the GoldSpice story begins…


I arrived in Byron with no money, no plan and just the floor of a tepee to sleep on every night. Then, one morning whilst hitch-hiking I got a lift from a man who shared my passion for bees, and who had great passion for yoga and wellness. I ended up learning a huge amount about mindfulness and deeper meditation from him, and it opened my eyes to a completely holistic approach to health.

At this point I was jumping in the ocean every day, had plenty of sunshine and implementing what I had learned into my diet and head space, so as you’d expect my skin was much better – but still not perfect.

I then met an extraordinary doctor, who treated people 100% naturally. Of course, I asked him about my eczema. He told me a lot of what I already knew; it was a gut problem, auto-immune response, too much inflammation, etc. but then he recommended something that was to change my life.

He told me about powerful spices that have been used in ancient medicine for thousands of years for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. He suggested that consuming them twice a day would have huge benefit to my skin.


After two weeks, my skin was better than ever and I couldn't remember when I had last felt so good! I immediately gave it to friends and family - and even people without obvious health concerns said it made them feel more energetic and active (it definitely helped that it tasted delicious too!). I decided to share this golden secret and spread GoldSpice around the world.

I came back to the UK excited to start things off here and keen to keep Byron (and all it stands for) at the heart of our brand.

Whites Beach Byron

The Byron lifestyle is about health, nature, and making the most of everyday. Whether that’s jumping in the surf, exploring the beautiful coastline, or heading inland to those breath-taking mountains. People there are present, active and full of a need for adventure.

There’s an energy and a magic about Byron, the same magic that led me to this natural golden product, and I want to spread this energy as far as I can. 

I hope you enjoy the gold and reap all its benefits!