So, it's basically a turmeric latte mix?

Not quite! The turmeric lattes that you'll find in most cafes and restaurants are simply blends of turmeric, ginger and cinnamon with warm milk. Our 8-spice blend is balanced for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, with absolutely no sugar or fillers! This means it can be enjoyed countless ways, from the most delicious golden milk to incredible curries. Check out our recipe page here.


Why the strainer?

Lots of other turmeric 'lattes' are instant. Great? We think not. At GoldSpice we believe nothing worthwhile is ever instant. Think about it this way: instant coffee vs. French press. No comparison!

Our spices have been chosen for their amazing healing powers, and some of this goodness just won't dissolve. So, we recommend a using a strainer to make your beverage super smooth!


What's the best milk to use?

We love our beverage the Byron Way; with cold coconut milk. We strongly recommend high quality, organic and plant-based milks over dairy milk.


Can I make up a batch and store it?

Absolutely! Make up a batch of GoldSpice in a bottle, store it in the fridge, and it'll see you through the week. Plus, the longer you leave the spices to dissolve, the more gold the drink! (We sometimes add the spice straight into the carton - we recommend 1/2tsp per 200ml.)